Christ for Asia Association, Inc.

Purpose Statement
The main emphasis of Christ for Asia is to reach the unequaled with the gospel. Thereby the outcast and those living at the social edge became our challenge. The love of Jesus must become a personal experience. Therefore, from the beginning it was the effort of Christ for Asia to combine the gospel together with mercy ministries. People from social edges should be reached in a holistic approach. On one hand “Christ for Asia” wants to bring them the gospel. On the other hand to meet their needs and help them on their way towards a self reliable life.
Programs and Services
Ministry to Street Children

  • Feeding
  • Project Nehemiah (homes for boys and girls)
  • Monthly fellowship meeting

Dumpsite Ministry

  • Bible Study
  • Church in the dumpsite
  • Early Childhood Care/Day Care
  • Mother’s Class
  • Cooperative Development

Prayer Ministry
Target Beneficiaries

  • Street children
  • Children from urban poor communities/dumpsites
  • Urban poor families
  • Urban poor communities

Area of Coverage

  • Cebu City and province

Juliet Oleo
Quijada St., Fatima Hills
Guadalupe, Cebu City
Postal Address
P.O. Box 1061
Cebu City 6000
+6332 2552304
+632 2552304